Jeanette Ortega made planning and hosting my first tele-summit so much easier. With Jeanette’s support I was able to host my first summit with confidence, not having to worry about the technical side of things while I interviewed my guests. At short notice she quickly moved into action to ensure that everything was in place, from forwarding copy to guest speakers, to creating promotional material and transcripts of the recording, Jeanette brought it all together in quick time for a superb experience. Thank you, Jeanette.

Eunice Nisbett
The Book Marketing Mentor

Eunice Nisbett

Within a week of hiring Jeanette, I realized that she was one of the smartest choices I could have made for my business. Her knowledge, skills, willingness to learn, curiosity, tenacity and pro-active thinking are all incredible gifts to my coaching and speaking practice. Moreover, her delightful personality makes partnering with her a pleasure. With other VAs in the past, I felt like I was asking for too much, or that I was inconveniencing them with my requests. Jeanette always welcomes my requests, which makes it simple for me to delegate tasks I might have taken on myself otherwise. Stop looking around, and just hire Jeanette. Your business – and your life – will be better for it~

Deborah Grayson Riegel

“Telesummits and giveaways have a LOT of moving parts, and you need a team that is specifically experienced, responsive (SO important!), consistent and accurate. Jeanette and her team have that in spades!! It has been my pleasure working with her on my own online events, and she was my go-to team when I produced events for my clients. On top of all the knowledge and professionalism Jeanette brings to the table, she’s also a delight to work with!” Linda Claire Puig

President of 6 Figure Newsletters

Linda Claire
Linda Claire Puig

Jeanette and her team at Ultimate Virtual Assistants have been supporting us for several years in one of the biggest events we host.The folks at UVA are such leaders, so organized, so proficient, and so on top of things, that they manage the vast majority of the details of the project, so we can relax, not worry, know that things are getting done in a timely manner, and allow us to focus on serving our clients and growing our business. Their team is competent, responsive, courteous, and cares about doing a top quality job. I would highly recommend Jeanette and her team at UVA for all your Virtual Assistant needs.

Kim Clausen,President, Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Co-host, Done4You Giveaway of the Century

Kim Clausen

I have been using the services of Ultimate Virtual Assistants to complete web design, graphic design and maintenance work on my online course/membership website for the past six months. I have found Jeanette and her team of VAs to be very professional. The work I’ve requested has been done to a high standard and on the odd occasion I have had an issue, Jeanette has been very quick to solve this issue for me. I would happily recommend UVA’s services to other business owners in need of VA support.

Shelley Hutchinson

Yes, I was absolutely satisfied. Great job done very speedily, which I appreciate immensely. Cindy was also very friendly, courteous and professional. Great experience all around.

Mia Rose

My life has got so much easier since working with Ultimate Virtual Assistants. I love the reminders to do tasks, the fact that I know someone is waiting on me to finish a task, and that someone else is doing some of my work for me. Also, with me being in the UK, it really helps that I have someone in a different time zone as it kind of lengthens the day with me doing work in the morning, both of us doing work together in my afternoon, and then when I switch off work is still being done on my business – how good is that? A 15 hour day only I’m not working for 15 hours! I readily recommend you to others all the time, and I know that some of my friends have started to work with you too. It’s an easy recommendation when you know you’ve got a team who’s got your back.

The Success Revolution

Zoe Richards

I was blessed to come on board with a client as the Online Business Manager where Jeanette Ortega was the Virtual Assistant. During our first conversation, it was obvious that she was very willing to communicate, devoted to her (our) client and had things under control. Throughout our working relationship, communication was excellent, as was responsiveness and quality of work.

I highly recommend Jeanette Ortega as a Virtual Assistant and in fact, she is the ONLY virtual assistant I recommend to anyone who needs virtual assistant services. Now that she has a team, I am positive the quality of her team will be outstanding as her work ethic and commitment to her clients are forefront in choosing qualified team members. Basically, Jeanette TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Genie Automation

Janelle Bledsoe

Having Ultimate Virtual Assistants support me has made a massive difference for starting up my business. Tech stress eliminated… hours and hours of my time saved… allows me to pursue important opportunities for building my business, and makes it possible for me to focus on the things I enjoy and am good at, like creating content, rather than suffering from the stress of dealing with all the techie stuff.

Cheryl Truesdale