Feeling Overwhelmed?
Frustrated by Technology?
Not Enough Time in Your Day?
Not Able to Focus on GROWING Your Business?

We get it…

You’re an entrepreneur. You’ve got burning passions, great ideas and grand plans. You’re destined for A-MAZ-ING things.

But, (there always seems to be a “but”) you’re stuck in the quicksand of the day-to-day technical details of running a business. Not exactly what you’d planned, right?

Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe how you’re feeling.

You now find yourself being the webmaster, bookkeeper, marketing “guru”, social media “expert”, tax advisor, IT professional, etc….I think you see where this is headed…

Where’s the time to do what you LOVE? The very reason why you went into business to begin with – you know, the passion inside you that just HAD to get out and into the hands of your ideal client/customer/audience.

What’s holding you back is called Chronic Overwhelm.

Chronic Overwhelm is costing you your passion, your money and your sanity.

You don’t have to stay stuck.

You CAN get out of Chronic Overwhelm.

You just need the right online technology team supporting you.

That team is Ultimate Virtual Assistants.


As a business owner, you’re only as good as the team that supports you. When Jeanette joined our team, it felt like a fresh breeze of possibility just wafted in! She quickly became familiar with the business (which has a lot of moving pieces) and asked great questions to help speed up that process. She’s responsive (SO important), consistent, personable and accurate. Now I can relax around certain administrative things because I know Jeanette’s got it. And that is a GREAT feeling!

President of 6 Figure Newsletters

Linda Claire
Linda Claire Puig

As a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur and self prescribed “recovering perfectionist” I spent the first 5 years in my business thinking I could AND should do it all. I thought because I didn’t have the big budget that other business have that I simply had to do it all. Jeanette was referred to me by a mentor of mine and since we began working together, my business as well as many aspects of my personal life have never been the same.

From my very first conversation with Jeanette, several things were clear to me. Jeanette has a passion for what she does and a genuine desire to see her clients businesses succeed. I love how Jeanette takes on every task with enthusiasm and is always happy to offer her thoughts and opinions in a way that is both helpful and appreciated. I truly feel like she sees my success as her success and that is rare to find. She understand that entrepreneurs hold tightly to their businesses because they are a part of us and that is why I don’t just appreciate what she does for me but the approach, attitude and passion in which she does it. Jeanette is a true gem and that is very quickly realized upon working with her.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Michele Gillman

Having Ultimate Virtual Assistants support me has made a massive difference for starting up my business. Tech stress eliminated… hours and hours of my time saved… allows me to pursue important opportunities for building my business, and makes it possible for me to focus on the things I enjoy and am good at, like creating content, rather than suffering from the stress of dealing with all the techie stuff.

Cheryl Truesdale