Who we are

Ultimate Virtual Assistants, LLC has been helping solo-entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small businesses grow THEIR businesses since May 2008. We have experience working virtually with well established and some not-so-well established businesses. We offer a wide variety of services that enable YOU to maximize YOUR efficiency while not having to worry about the everyday ordinary tasks that slow you down. We provide small business owners time to concentrate on reaching THEIR business goals, while operating from a remote location.


Business Values and Ethics

We believe that the driving force behind any business is the owner’s REAL reason for being in that particular business. Whether it be money, mission-based work, freedom from a boss, freedom from the day to day running of the business, etc., the processes, procedures and priorities all need to be in support of that ultimate reason or goal. We are no different! Our goal is to decrease your load and set up communication with you efficiently, so as to not need your constant attention.

Our experience

Virtual Assistant (Over 10 Years) 90%
Graphic Design 90%
Web Maintenance 75%
Social Media Management 70%
Project Management 95%
Technology Training 85%
Online Business Management 90%

Why choose us?

  • We can help YOU move past overwhelm!

  • We understand the BIG picture of YOUR business!

  • We help you setup & manage systems to help automate YOUR business!

  • We can help you take YOUR business to a higher level!


Jeanette Ortega, Certified Virtual Expert™
Founder & CEO

Jeanette Ortega is the founder & CEO of Ultimate Virtual Assistants (UVA for short). Her team of Virtual Assistants specializes in providing coaches, online entrepreneurs, and marketers with technical support and online event production. UVA prides itself on meeting deadlines, over delivering and paying close attention to detail. Working with Jeanette and the UVA team, will bring a sense of ease, stress- free style and flexibility to your current business, while allowing you to let go of all that needs to be done and pay more attention to the tasks and projects that you enjoy and ignite growth in your business. Jeanette and her team have produced many Telesummits and Giveaways including Linda Claire Puig’s “On The Road and Making Money Telesummit”, Linda Claire Puig and Kim Clausen’s “Done For You Giveaway”, Monica Shah’s “Rock Your Revenue Giveaway and Shanda Sumpter’s “Freedom, Heart Profit, Giveaway Extravaganza” among others.

Jeanette Ortega, Certified Virtual Expert


Jenny Williams
Project Manager

Susan Thomas

Lynne Tuel

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