I was blessed to come on board with a client as the Online Business Manager where Jeanette Ortega was the Virtual Assistant. During our first conversation, it was obvious that she was very willing to communicate, devoted to her (our) client and had things under control. Throughout our working relationship, communication was excellent, as was responsiveness and quality of work.

I highly recommend Jeanette Ortega as a Virtual Assistant and in fact, she is the ONLY virtual assistant I recommend to anyone who needs virtual assistant services. Now that she has a team, I am positive the quality of her team will be outstanding as her work ethic and commitment to her clients are forefront in choosing qualified team members. Basically, Jeanette TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

Genie Automation

Janelle Bledsoe

Having Ultimate Virtual Assistants support me has made a massive difference for starting up my business. Tech stress eliminated… hours and hours of my time saved… allows me to pursue important opportunities for building my business, and makes it possible for me to focus on the things I enjoy and am good at, like creating content, rather than suffering from the stress of dealing with all the techie stuff.

Cheryl Truesdale

Jeanette is one rocking Virtual Assistant! She worked with us at a conference we hosted. She was very professional, sharp, on time, had a smile and go the extra mile attitude.

Founder of the Customer WOW Project

Jessica Peterson

Just wanted to give a shout out to a fantastic Virtual Assistant! Anyone needing “techy” help (Lord knows I always do) with your newsletter, landing page, etc… Contact Jeanette Ortega! She is awesome, sweet, knows her stuff and is a great help to your business!

Leslie Ziemba

As a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur and self prescribed “recovering perfectionist” I spent the first 5 years in my business thinking I could AND should do it all. I thought because I didn’t have the big budget that other business have that I simply had to do it all. Jeanette was referred to me by a mentor of mine and since we began working together, my business as well as many aspects of my personal life have never been the same.

From my very first conversation with Jeanette, several things were clear to me. Jeanette has a passion for what she does and a genuine desire to see her clients businesses succeed. I love how Jeanette takes on every task with enthusiasm and is always happy to offer her thoughts and opinions in a way that is both helpful and appreciated. I truly feel like she sees my success as her success and that is rare to find. She understand that entrepreneurs hold tightly to their businesses because they are a part of us and that is why I don’t just appreciate what she does for me but the approach, attitude and passion in which she does it. Jeanette is a true gem and that is very quickly realized upon working with her.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Michele Gillman

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy I am working with you, Hosna. You did a fabulous job with everything and it feels so great knowing I’m working with someone who’s so talented and smart. You ROCK!!

Cheryl Truesdale

Cindy is doing great and I can’t wait to have steadier flow of business to be able to use her more. She’s got great technical skills and is very solution oriented and resourceful. Great team member for me!

Evelyn L

I had always put off developing a client and prospect database to manage my outdoor adventure company. I’m great with working the business, but with the emergence of new technology I needed help. In came Jeanette and her Ultimate Virtual Assistants consulting firm. It saved me time and money. She developed a user friendly database, organized my email prospects and her suggestion to expand marketing via social media lead to more business. I couldn’t believe how quickly she engaged and accomplished her tasks saving me time and moola. I highly recommend her service especially if time is thin and the need is high. I’ll be calling on her soon with another expansion project so get with her before I do.

Founder, Ute Creek Outfitters

Lee Vigil

Jeanette is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a “can do” attitude, is resourceful, has great ideas for improving systems and procedures, and she’s really on the ball regarding getting her work done promptly and completely. She learns very fast but isn’t afraid to ask questions to make sure she has all the details right. She’s organized and is helping me to be better organized.

When Jeanette started working with me I was nearly desperate for help from a competent VA like her. From my first interactions with her, I knew that I was in good hands. I’m confident that she can take on anything I give her, and I look forward to growing my business with her invaluable help. I was looking for a “right hand” assistant who would genuinely care about my business being successful… and I’m delighted that I found her!

Human Design Success Coach

Evelyn Levenson