Jeanette has been amazing! She gets things done quickly, and is always open to taking on new challenges and learning more. Jeanette has been a true blessing in my business!

Chris Atley

Jeanette at Ultimate Virtual Assistants (UVA) helped our company when we first got started. She allowed us to focus on other business issues while she provided great customer service to our clients and scheduled their jobs as requested. We did not have to worry about missing any work. Her calendar management skills and customer service via e-mail played a very important role in our business. I would definitely recommend her as dependable, competent and organized VA with a great personality! Thanks for your help Jeanette!

Go Green NM, LLC

Pearl Brazil

Jeanette was amazing!! I was in a bind and was short handed at work and her company Ultimate Virtual Assistants was able to step in and get the job done at a moments notice…

Red Mesa Realty
Route 66 Insurance

Stephen Burke

Because Jeanette has been on both sides of the team building equation – she REALLY knows what she’s talking about. Her insight into what it takes to FIND the right people AND hold on to them (or let them go) as needed is spot on.

Certified Online Business Manager
VA and OBM Coach & Mentor

Kimberly King Wise

I haven’t had a VA in a very long time and I was nervous that the geographical distance between us might hinder our communication and progress but it has been nothing but smooth sailing while working with Jeanette. Really it has been a God send. She has helped me decipher what I can and should be delegating to her so I can work less, make more and enjoy my business. I literally don’t know what I would do without her.

Andrea Sullenger

As a business owner, you’re only as good as the team that supports you. When Jeanette joined our team, it felt like a fresh breeze of possibility just wafted in! She quickly became familiar with the business (which has a lot of moving pieces) and asked great questions to help speed up that process. She’s responsive (SO important), consistent, personable and accurate. Now I can relax around certain administrative things because I know Jeanette’s got it. And that is a GREAT feeling!

President of 6 Figure Newsletters

Linda Claire
Linda Claire Puig

As a busy wife, mother, entrepreneur and self prescribed “recovering perfectionist” I spent the first 5 years in my business thinking I could AND should do it all. I thought because I didn’t have the big budget that other business have that I simply had to do it all. Jeanette was referred to me by a mentor of mine and since we began working together, my business as well as many aspects of my personal life have never been the same. From my very first conversation with Jeanette, several things were clear to me. Jeanette has a passion for what she does and a genuine desire to see her clients businesses succeed. I love how Jeanette takes on every task with enthusiasm and is always happy to offer her thoughts and opinions in a way that is both helpful and appreciated. I truly feel like she sees my success as her success and that is rare to find. She understand that entrepreneurs hold tightly to their businesses because they are a part of us and that is why I don’t just appreciate what she does for me but the approach, attitude and passion in which she does it. Jeanette is a true gem and that is very quickly realized upon working with her.

Personal Trainer & Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Michele Gillman

Working with Ultimate Virtual Assistants has completely changed my life! They are efficient, thorough and completely “on it” pushing me to get things done and crashing through my to-do list at lightning speed. If you’re looking for some help in your online business, then check them out. You won’t regret it.

The Bed and Breakfast Queen

Yvonne Halling